What We Believe

mission & vision

Northside Baptist Church believes the mission of the church is clearly expressed to us by our Lord, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19-20).

For us, the strategy and vision for making disciples is a simple one: Teaching people to Journey Up in their relationship with the Lord through worship, Journey In by building relationships with others through groups and Journey Out by engaging the world through missions.

our Beliefs

The people of Northside know that unity does not equal uniformity.  We are a family of faith with a rich tradition of historic Baptist beliefs, ecumenical cooperation and an intense love for our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our differences are apparent, and we celebrate them as a testament to the various parts of the body of Christ.  Because we don't hide who we are from each other, we are able to show the love of Christ more fully to our friends and neighbors.

As a church, our beliefs are consistent with the Baptist Faith and Message, which can be read here.