3 yrs- Kindergarten
Praiz Kidz Jr is for our preschoolers who are too young for Praiz Kidz and lays a strong foundation preparing them to get the most out of Praiz Kidz when they get a little older.


1st - 5th grade
Praiz Kidz is about moving, doing and creating all while learning the true meaning of worship and how to worship God.  Kids will sing songs, design artwork, create dramas, play instruments and so much more.  It all comes together in worship where everything we do will show up in "big church" including participating in a full church musical at Christmas.  It’s a new way to think about children’s choir.

Worship Choir

Choral music has always been a part of worship at Northside.  There's no audition needed to sing in the Adult Choir.  Just come to rehearsal every Wednesday with childcare provided.  We sing almost every Sunday morning in worship. As worship leaders, we join the congregation in singing all the songs during the service and then lead in a special selection almost every week.  If you like classical, gospel, contemporary or traditional music, there will be something for you.  There will also be opportunities available for solo and ensemble singers as well.

Worship Ensemble & Band

The congregational singing for worship each week is lead by the Worship Ensemble & Band comprised of voices, guitars, rhythm instruments, piano and other orchestral instruments.  Our primary mission is supporting, encouraging and facilitating the singing of congregational songs.  Each week the group that leads is a little different due to both the availability of our members and any musical or logistical considerations for a given week.  The Worship Pastor guides the team in preparing and presenting the best leadership possible to the congregation. Contact us if you’re interested, and we'll schedule you for an audition.